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How to connect USB devices shared
on Linux OS to Windows OS

Now you can use USB devices shared on Linux OS even if your own computer is Windows based. It becomes possible to do with the help of new unique and free software product - USB Server for Linux.

If you are ordinary Windows OS user

Now there is no difference on what computer USB device was shared (on computer with Windows OS or with Linux OS). All you have to do is to add IP address of the computer with installed USB Redirector or USB Server for Linux and connect shared USB devices.

If you are Hardware developer

If you develop hardware equipment working on Linux OS and you want Windows clients could work with USB devices connected to your equipment, USB Server suits you most of all!

Here you can find step by step instruction how to use USB Redirector together with USB Server for Linux.

In the below example USB device (USB Web Cam) is plugged into computer with Linux OS. But Clients that will connect USB device remotely are Windows based.

Step 1. Install USB Server for Linux on the computer with Linux OS.

USB Server installation instructions you can find here:

Step 2. Firewall setup on Linux side.

You need to set up the rules for firewall: allow incoming/outcomming TCP connection on 32032 TCP port.

Step 3. Install USB Redirector on the computer with Windows OS.

USB Redirector usage instructions you can find here:

Step 4. Add USB Server to the configuration on Windows side.

Run USB Redirector. To add USB Server select menu Connect ->Add USB Server. In the window type IP address of the computer with Linux OS -

As soon as connection will be established with Linux OS, in the USB Redirector Window 3 the appropriate icon with Linux logo will appear. If this icon is gray that means USB Redirector can not connect to USB Server. Here you can read about possible difficulties and their corrections.

Step 5. Share USB Web Cam on Linux side

Firstly you need to get information about USB devices connected to your computer. You can do it from the command line in the following way:

usbsrv -l

As you can see only one USB device is connected to the computer.

1: USB Web Cam - Composite USB Device
busid: 2-2 hwid: 11fd-0ef0 status: device is pluged.

To share USB Web Cam connected to the computer with Linux OS you need to do the following:

A the same time shared USB device available for connection will be displayed dynamically on Windows side in the USB Redirector Window 2

Step 6. Remote connection of USB device on Windows side

Now to connect shared USB Web Cam to your system you just need to select this device in the Window 2 and select menu Connect->Connect USB device.


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