Simple USB Logger Quick Start Guide

To start monitoring of a USB device you need to start new session. Select menu File->New Session or press the button on Toolbar. After this, Simple USB Logger will start waiting for USB device connection:

If you want to change session parameters, click Change button.

You can also open this window by selecting File->New Advanced Session menu item

You can select:

  • USB Hub to wait for USB device connection.
  • mode of capturing data for packets _URB_BULK_OR_INTERRUPT_TRANSFER and _URB_ISOCH_TRANSFER
  • mode of saving data to Physical Memory (if BSOD assumed) or real-time transfer in Simple USB Logger shell program.

Press Start and plug USB device to Hardware USB port or to Virtual USB bus with the help of off-site software. After USB device connection, Simple USB Logger will start displaying data in real-time:

If you chose the mode of capturing data to Kernel Memory, Simple USB Logger shows the logging process window:

Press "Stop" to get captured data immediately.

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