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Full version benefits:

  • You can continue to use USB Redirector TS Edition after evaluation period is expired.
  • You get free support and minor version upgrades.
  • You will get all information about the latest products' improvements and modifications.
  • You support further developement of USB Redirector.

Special Offer for Resellers

If your company is a Software Distributor and you are interested in selling our software, please contact us for a special reseller discount and further instructions!

Special Offer for Educational and Government Institutions

If you represent a Government, School, University or Non-profit organisation, then we have a special 20% discount for you! Please contact us with the information about your organistation to get the discount.

USB Redirector TS Edition Licensing Scheme:

USB Redirector TS Edition consists of two parts: Server part and Workstation part. Only the Server part must be licensed, Workstation part is FREE.

You should purchase a license for each of the Terminal Servers where you are going to install Server part of USB Redirector TS Edition.

The number of devices is per Terminal Server, NOT per user. It shows how much USB devices users will be able to remotely connect to the Terminal Server.

USB Redirector TS Edition (prices per license)

1 License

2-5 Licenses

6-9 Licenses

10-50 Licenses

51-100 Licenses

2 USB devices






3 USB devices






4 USB devices






5 USB devices






6 USB devices






7 USB devices






8 USB devices






9 USB devices






10 USB devices






15 USB devices






20 USB devices






25 USB devices






> 25 USB devices

If you need other USB Redirector TS Edition configurations please

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