NSLU2 as USB Server

You need to install OpenWrt Kamikaze Linux into your NSLU before installing USB Redirector.

You can download OpenWrt Kamikaze from here:
Download OpenWrt Kamikaze

You can download USB Redirector for NSLU2 here:
Download USB Redirector for NSLU2

Follow these steps to install USB Redirector on NSLU2:

for OpenWrt Kamikaze 7.09:
ipkg install kmod-usb-server_2.6.21.6-1.90-ixp4xx_armeb.ipk
ipkg install usb-server_1.90_armeb.ipk

for OpenWrt Kamikaze 8.09
opkg install kmod-usb-server_2.6.26.5-1.90-ixp4xx_armeb.ipk
opkg install usb-server_1.90_armeb.ipk

More information how to use above products you can find here:
How to use USB Redirector for Linux

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